Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Move over Paula and Martha! The Busters are coming through!

Buster was sweet enough to buy me the Martha Stewart Cooking School book and I LOVE it! I started big and went for the stuffed turkey breast. I was thinking about making it for Christmas and wanted to practice before the big day. I was nervous because it required things like cheesecloth and twine!? But I trusted in Martha. The stuffing was a dried-cherry and sausage dressing. You had to butterfly the breast, which is basically pounding the meat :)

Buster made some hella delicious mac and cheese from the Southern Diva of Decadence Paula Dean.

All-in-all it was a good meal and much easier than I thought. If you are looking for a good cook book get the Martha Stewart cooking school book. It describes the basics, there are loads of pictures, and you don't want to upset Martha...trust me.


Aleka's World said...

looks scrumptious!!!

Buster said...

SOOOOO GOOD! A great twist to the traditional turkey and stuffing.