Sunday, March 1, 2009

One's A Meal is the meal!

This is probably the least talked about best Greek restaurant in Houston. Sure everyone recommends Niko Niko's, which is good, but just down the street and around the corner is my new favorite Greek restaurant, One's A Meal.

Buster and I had been apartment hunting and we were starving. As Buster and I walked in, we were greeted by two very friendly men. One who seated us and the other who took our order. We sat in silence as we glanced through the menu, everything sounded so good. We decided on the following:
Well before I give you the order, the meal started with a basket of baked pita bread and a dip of tomato sauce. The bread was crispy and sprinkled with sesame seeds, which was a perfect compliment for the fresh tomato sauce, nicely seasoned. I would go back for that sauce alone.

Spanakopita (spinach and feta in philo pockets)

It is hard to go wrong with these little hot pockets of warm spinach and feta. The philo was crispy and flaky and the filling was a nice balance of spinach and feta.

Souzoukakia (meatballs with tomato sauce over rice)

I had never had this dish before but I have now found a new favorite. The meatballs were a little over cooked but they were packed with flavor. The tomato sauce was the same tomato sauce for the pita bread. The dish was served with an extremely healthy serving for mixed herb vegetables (yellow squash, broccoli, celery...), green beans in the same tomato sauce, and two lemon herb potatoes.

Pastichio (tube pasta and beef topped with bechamel sauce)

This was Buster's pick and one of his favorite Greek dishes. Usually the pasta is a little dry, but at One's A Meal it was moist. It also had a nice herb flavor and topped off with the delicious tomato sauce. His meal also had the same vegetables as the Souzoukakia (he wasn't as excited about the squash and green beans as I was).

To sum it up, One's A Meal is the place I recommend for Greek food in Houston.

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